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Flowers for Sale!

One of the many hats I wear is the Senior High Youth Group leader at Bethel United Methodist Church. Each year we take the kids on a mission trip. We have done state side missions as well as international. Next summer we will be travelling to Costa Rica where we will be partnering with Strong Missions to build a feeding center for children and constructing a dormitory for teenage mothers. 

This trip is going to cost approximately $1,500 per student. Our church is home for many lower income families and fundraising is essential for them to be able to attend.

We are doing a Flower Power fundraiser. It is quite simple. We have a page where you can purchase flower bulbs that are to be planted in the fall.  The company delivers the flowers to you and the youth program receives 50% of the profit. We have set a goal of $3,000 for this sale.

If you are going to be planting bulbs anyway, would you please consider purchasing them here:


Bethel UMC Senior High Youth - Summer Mission 2011


Sounds like a great project.

I shared it on Twitter for you.
Thank you so much. Every little bit helps!