Flowers for Sale!

One of the many hats I wear is the Senior High Youth Group leader at Bethel United Methodist Church. Each year we take the kids on a mission trip. We have done state side missions as well as international. Next summer we will be travelling to Costa Rica where we will be partnering with Strong Missions to build a feeding center for children and constructing a dormitory for teenage mothers. 

This trip is going to cost approximately $1,500 per student. Our church is home for many lower income families and fundraising is essential for them to be able to attend.

We are doing a Flower Power fundraiser. It is quite simple. We have a page where you can purchase flower bulbs that are to be planted in the fall.  The company delivers the flowers to you and the youth program receives 50% of the profit. We have set a goal of $3,000 for this sale.

If you are going to be planting bulbs anyway, would you please consider purchasing them here:

Bethel UMC Senior High Youth - Summer Mission 2011

Help a library...pass it on.

  You could win a signed copy of AFTER OBSESSION and DEAR BULLY, both.

How??? Go over to carriejones  Livejournal to find out exact details.
Basically there is a library out there somewhere, namely Cherryfield, Maine and they need our help. 

Here is the link to the library's Facebook appeal. For everyone who comments on Carrie's livejournal, according to the rules, Carrie will donate a dollar. Hmmm. I hope Carrie has deep pockets. =)

A Call For Picture Books

 Dear Friends-

I just found out about a Navy Family in our area who lost everything to a fire. They have 4 children ranging in ages from 1-8. 
I am still getting information, but if you are willing to donate a book  to help fill their book shelf back up please let me know!


Dear Authors,

When authors take the time to respond to a child's interest in their books, it is a BIG deal. Just saying.

(I'm not talking about the "Will you do my homework?" kind of letters.) The genuine, your book really means something to me, kind of letters.

Thanks for taking the time.


Today- hug your kids instead of complain about them. Tell someone how special they are instead of finding fault. Life is short and if you do not believe me take a look around. Don't let your regret tomorrow be that you spent so much time today regretting yesterday. Sending all my prayers and love to those suffering today. May God wrap you in the love of his arms!

Happy New Day!

 My New Day's resolutions include: Clearing away clutter, setting up my desk, doing laundry...writing. Every new day should include writing! Happy New Day to You!

Happy New Day!

 There are many New Year resolutions floating around cyberspace. My only resolution this year is to treat each day as if it were a new year. There is something about the new year that seems to motivate us, gives us a renewed spirit to let go of our failures and try again. A fresh start! I think that each day deserves a fresh start and this year I am not going to let failure or disappointment pile up. 

What are you doing to prepare for NaNoWriMo?

 My first step: Outline (Kind of obvious)

Step Two: Trying to tidy up a bit. Get the house under semi-control so I am not completely stressed out.

Step Three: Menus - I am making up a menu for November. I am including kid friendly recipes and cold cereal nights! I'm posting this in the kitchen so that I won't be bothered by the "What's for Dinner?" whine. (The exception is Thanksgiving of course. Who's idea was it to do this in November?)

Step Four: I am clearing a space for me. I don't have a writing space. SO, I am making one. I am also making a DO Not Enter Sign to post on this space. Perhaps getting a Novel Under Construction sign to post while I am working. 

I have forewarned the family and adjusted my expectations a bit. I started with the goal of 1667 words a day. Then realized there will be days I don't/can't write. So I have upped my daily goal to 2,500.

Are you doing anything heading into this??


 I did it!
Never done it before.

I am ready to be a winner.
I am ready to stop making excuses.

I am ready to drive my family insane.
Hope they all still love me at the end of November!

Suicide x 4 (Something HAS to change.)

We got the news today that the 4th student in our county committed suicide this weekend.

The 4th student in a month.

The first three were boys from another school, the 4th a girl from my son's school.

In response a girl posted this on facebook today:

"i kinda wish everyone would stop assuming bullying was the reason this happened to (Name left out). did anyone think that maybe she just wasn't happy?"

I had to read this a few times. But then I started thinking about Jay Asher's book 13 Reasons Why

It was not one horrible act that caused Hannah, the main character in Jay's book, to commit suicide, it was a string of events. Events that any one of us could find ourselves a part of. 

 It is easy to push so much off to the bullies, and it is true they are responsible in so many ways. But, the message in Jay Asher's book, at least what I took from that we are all responsible. And we are. 

Stop the bullying! I agree with all my heart, but don't sit idle in the process. Go out of your comfort zone and tell someone how great they are. We might not be able to immediately control what others are doing but we have complete control over what we are doing. The easiest way to get rid of a negative is with a positive.

I wish that I could supply copies of Jay's book to every single teenager that I know, and don't.
I wish every teenager, and adult for that matter could read it, had to read it.

We need more organizations like this adding positive to deal with the negative:

To Write Love on Her Arms

Though you may not know these kids, we only know them by their names in the paper and on notes being sent home from school, send out prayers. To their families and friends, to the community, and especially to any other kids who may be considering following in their footsteps. 

And most importantly, be nice to someone today. Take a minute out of your crazy, busy schedule and tell someone what a great job they are doing, how beautiful they are, that you love them, that YOU care!